GRS&L is a 501(c)(3) non-profit educational charity founded in Oregon, USA dedicated to enabling people with their own remedial choices and treatments, educating healthcare professionals, organizations, and the general public about the therapeutic use of cannabis and its effective benefits in the endocannabinoid system. And thought the main focus for alternative treatment is mainly focused on cannabis medicine GRS&L may also endorse a range of other widely recognized alternative treatments available to people electively choosing these alternatives. 


The goal of this non-profit foundation is based on our desire for any patient suffering from critical and/or life-threatening ailments to be able to receive cannabis and cannabinoid science related treatment and medicinals, for disease-specific targeted therapies which are not covered by existing medical insurance and where the patient is unable to fund this treatment by themselves or other means.  In addition, funds from this foundation will be allocated to generate awareness, physician and patient education, global community interaction and additional fund raising through events, media, and promotions.




It is our hope and goal to create equal opportunity for the people's right to choose a course of healing as well as to raise public and professional awareness and to equally persuade politicians and policy makers within the governing bodies of federal, state and local government as well as health providers and insurance companies of the benefits of medicinal cannabis for the treatment of these life-threatening illnesses. We plan to achieve this through public awareness, events, teaching and education, that there are evidence-based patient outcomes proving that this should become a covered benefit as mainstream medical treatment for most disease processes.   In the meantime, we will endeavor to assist people afflicted in any way possible through resources and financial aid.


As long as cannabis remains in the Schedule I category, most patients will need to find a safe and reliable cannabis supplier. In the states that have passed medical marijuana/cannabis compassion laws, entities like Green Rush Science & Love, have opened to provide this medicine to patients. Cannabis growers & providers need to ensure that the cannabis is grown and harvested under safe and responsible conditions.  We consider our lab operations to be a powerful research engine and reliable source of establishing and raising the bar for this level of formulated purity, potency as well leading the development of new medicines discovered and created in cooperation with the worlds leading medical scientists and specialists and to make these treatment modalities and protocols available to every person in need of an end to their suffering.


Upon review and assessment of the patients diagnosis and their physicians prognosis, an alternative treatment will be recommended with a financial analysis attached to it. A review of the potential patients financial situation will be performed to determine the level of financial assistance needed to facilitate treatment for that patient.  The patient will then be given the opportunity to elect to receive treatment at one of our established and recognized treatment centers, for which the foundation will cover all costs of treatments and peripheral expenses until desired result is achieved, or successful treatment is no longer an option.   Currently the foundation has agreed to support elective cannabis therapy through globally recognized leaders in cannabis treatment, such as Constance Therapeutics, as well as all costs involved for volunteer patient involvement in various credible university studies.  Treatment options are not limited to only those as stated above. 


A direct relation for ALS patients electing cannabis treatment therapy will help to support badly needed data to be used in championing further ongoing research and treatment studies for ALS and other neurological diseases.   This in turn will not only create a charitable foundation for patients to receive avenues into alternative medical treatments without interference by federal regulations or the involvement of pre-existing medical insurance policies, but also generate valuable testimonials was well as medically observed outcomes to be used in leveraging more advanced studies in this and other alternative treatmentmodalities.  It is also our hope that the information gathered from our patient recipients will help to raise public awareness and support lobbying efforts with lawmakers in Congress.  Information gathered through recipient feedback and their medical providers will help to raise public and professional awareness and to equally persuade key political federal, state and local government officials to enact positive changes with healthcare reform.


The foundation also plans to create an online informational and educational navigation portal for physicians, as a physicians reference to navigate the legal waters and common methods for facilitating the elective treatment of ill patients and to assist in the ongoing dialogue to improve upon current protocols and treatments." The portal will also serve as a global forum for ongoing communications regarding best practices to achieve best patient outcomes.  The portal will also assist physicians, offering guidance into the most current and successful, diagnosis-targeted cannabis-based therapies.


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